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Current Studies

Fragile X Syndrome

Fragile X genetic autism

For ages 3-17 years old

Must have diagnosis through molecular documentation of FMR1 full mutation



For ages 13-17 years old

Must have diagnosis for at least 6 months

Atopic Dermatitis

atopic dermatitis   
itchy skin

Must be ages 12 to 75 

Must have symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis for at least 3 years

Crohn's Disease

Crohn's  disease 
Crohns disease

Must be ages 18 to 75

Must have diagnosis of Crohn's Disease for at least 3 months


Nasal Polyps

Nasal Polyp

Must be 18 to 70

Must have a diagnosis of Nasal Polyps

Alzheimer's Disease


For ages 55 and above

Must be diagnosed with mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease

Current Studies

Adolescents With Generalized Anxiety Disorder


For ages 7 to 17

Diagnosis of moderate or greater severity of  Generalized Anxiety Disorder 

Rheumatoid Arthritis


Must be ≥ 18 years of age 

≥ 18 years of age at the time of RA diagnosis

Moderate to Severe case of RA

On stable dose of Treatment for ≥ 90 days


Migraine  migraines

Male or female, ages 18-80

At least 1 year history of migraine

History of 4-14 migraines per month

Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Hidradenitis Suppurativa  HS  Inflammatory lesions

Must be ≥ 18 years of age 

Symptoms for ≥ 1 Year

Lesions present in ≥ 2 anatomic areas

Moderate to severe HS defined as a total of ≥5 inflammatory lesions

Inadequate response to oral antibiotic treatment

Mild Cognitive Impairment

cognitive impairment dementia

Ages 55-90

No use of nicotine products in the past year

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Ages 18-65

Clinical diagnosis of SLE at least 24 weeks

Must not have active lupus nephritis

Psoriatic Arthritis


Ages 18 and Older

Symptoms for 6mos or more

Plaque Psoriasis or Nail Changes

NSAID use for  4wks or more with inadequate control of symptoms